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A good interior designer is a professional who does research of a new design solutions and recommendations of furniture design and interior decor. We would like you to join our team. New and exciting opportunity to be a part of D&D designers team. Our designer partner referral program allows you to earn money and have an access to a selection of high quality furniture with customization options which can be used in many of your projects.

Get your 10-20 % discount.

Register DESIGNER account with us!

custom designer furniture

Please contact us if you have a showroom and would like to become a preferred partner of D&D.

Flexible conditions, on-time deliveries and white glove service will create positive relationship with us . We are ready to provide any models you are interested in for exposition.

Just call to set up an appointment !

Please ask US to make photo bindings and renderings of your clients interiors with our furniture, accessories or wallpaper. This is the best way to show to the customer HOW IT WILL LOOK and also an important PIECE of client service which is provided at no cost.  Get more details

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