A comfortable structural chair that easily accommodates two people. For comfortable home evenings or business meetings. It is also well suited for establishments if you want to soften the space. Atmosphere and comfort in the room set the little things and nuances. Natural materials and premium European quality

Armchair Bjorn

SKU: 21554345656
Metal Legs Color
Base Plate Color: Wood
Upholstery Color
  • Width: 1050 mm/41 1/4 inch
    Height without pillows: 245 mm/9 5/8 inch
    Height with pillows: 420 mm/16 1/2 inch
    Height with backrest: 830 mm/32 5/8 inch
    Depth inside: 780 mm/30 3/4 inch
    Depth overall: 1020 mm/ 40 1/4 inch