The Scandic coffee table has an attractive, unusual design with details that you notice gradually. I want to study the shape and it will not leave anyone indifferent, guests will want to ask where you got this from. Its advantage is two work surfaces, each of which can be used in its own way. Lay out essentials or decor on top, and what’s not necessary to be right at hand is down. It is good for any room in the house. It will help optimize the workspace, complement the public, good in the lounge area or waiting area. It will also serve as a great alternative to a bedside table.

Coffee Table Scandic

Metal Color
Shelf Color
  • Length: 406 mm
    Width: 300 mm
    Heigth: 400 mm
    Weight: 9,5 kg
    Can withstand: 80 kg
    Top shape: square
  • Base material: polymer coated steel
    Top material: laminated wood board
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