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Get Bjorn Design Future Set (sofa Bjorn and two chairs Bjorn ) and

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Sofa Table FOR FREE!

Please contact for colour Customization 647 446 5776


Sofa 1pc

A sofa is a meeting place for family, friends, or colleagues. Or even new acquaintances, if we are talking about a sofa in the waiting room. The sofa from the collection of upholstered furniture Björn does not have sharp corners, you want to relax on it and continue to talk for as long as possible. Upholstery fabric, microfiber / flock (these are varieties of 100% polyester made by various technologies). Large pillows inside are made of furniture foam rubber and synthetic winterizer, side (small) - from synthetic winterizer.


Chair 2pc

A comfortable structural chair that easily accommodates two people. For comfortable home evenings or business meetings. It is also well suited for establishments if you want to soften the space. Atmosphere and comfort in the room set the little things and nuances. Natural materials and premium European quality


Sofa-table 1pc

This is a table for those who like everything to be at hand