A sofa is a meeting place for family, friends, or colleagues. Or even new acquaintances, if we are talking about a sofa in the waiting room. The sofa from the collection of upholstered furniture Björn does not have sharp corners, you want to relax on it and continue to talk for as long as possible. Upholstery fabric, microfiber / flock (these are varieties of 100% polyester made by various technologies). Large pillows inside are made of furniture foam rubber and synthetic winterizer, side (small) - from synthetic winterizer.

Sofa Bjorn

Metal Legs Color
Base Plate Color: Wood
Upholstery Color: Green
  • Width: 1930 mm/76 inch
    Height without pillows: 245 mm/9 3/4 inch
    Height with pillows: 420 mm/16 1/2 inch
    Height with backrest: 830 mm/32 3/4 inch
    Depth inside: 780 mm/31 inch
    Depth overall: 1020 mm/40 1/4 inch