Nowadays a loft style coffee table in the living room or reception is the same integral part of the interior as the dining table in the kitchen. The sets of two level HORIZON coffee tables are among the best-selling items in collection, due to its usage versatility and distinctive design. Tables are produced with the same lightweight metal base as the entire collection. The top is made from real oak veneer, which has a low risk of drying, is lighter and less prone to scratches than a solid wooden surface. Coffee tables are available in several colors and models.




Base metal 15/15 mm, argon welding
Painting polymer paint
Color black
Top real oak veneer
Wood finish oil
Overall Dimensions 1 

810mm / 500mm / 200mm

32in / 19-1/2in / 8in

Overall Dimensions 2  690mm / 600mm / 350mm
27in / 23-1/2in / 14in


In case the item is used in open air, we recommend two layers of painting and usage of specially treated wood. The price for this option is provided on request.

Coffee Tables set HORIZON T-2

SKU: 880901845357


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